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Stun Gun or Taser vers Bear

Would a Stun Gun or Taser Work on a Bear? Hey there, brave adventurer! So, would a stun gun or Taser do the trick against a bear? Hold onto your hiking boots because we’re about to dive into the wild world of bear physiology and self-defense. Strap in and uncover whether these shocking devices can […]

Stun Gun Saves Life

Stun Gun Saves Girl Testimony Stun Guns Can Save Your Life Read the real-life testimony below! I am a full time Culinary Student at the Arts Institute of Houston (female). I was on my way to Reliant Park because I had landed a new cooking job. As I was exiting off of 610 at the […]

Merry Christmas

The B Safe Technology family would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe everyone.

How does a stun gun work

Stun Guns and stun batons work by targeting the nervous system. They send out high voltage shocking energy that is large enough to put the brakes on the neurological impulses that are traveling through the body. therefore, overwhelming the system causing the loss of consciousness and balance. The disorientation by the voltage is not large […]

IN God We Trust:

As I was trying to figure out a title for this post, I kept thinking. Is there really anything good to talk about. The more I thought the more I wondered. Then I thought about the bible that my wife keeps on the coffee table in our Living room. Then there was the chatter of […]

Crime is Rising:

I’m sure you already know this, all you have to do is turn on the television. Crime in America is rising at an alarming pace. Aggravated Assaults, Armed Robbery, Rapes, Burglaries, are just a few of the ones that are trending way higher from year to year. Just about every day you are hearing of […]

Being a Dad is Important:

Being a Dad is important to the whole family. As a dad you are tasked with a lot of important decisions when it comes to your family. Do you know what one of the most important things you as a dad should do. As a dad we give our kids dozens of things behind the […]

50 Dollars is 50 Dollars

Morris and his wife Esther went to the state fair every year,and every year Morris would say, “Esther, I’d like to ride in that helicopter”. Esther always replied, “I know Morris, but that helicopterride is 50 dollars — and 50 dollars is 50 dollars”. One year Esther and Morris went to the fair, and Morris […]

Pepper Spray and College:

College Roommates saved by Pepper Spray! Out for a Run! An evening to remember! Do you want to go for a run, we have time before our night class Michelle ask Karly? That sounds great where we going to go. I guess to the park I heard some other girls saying that’s where they go […]

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