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Crime is Rising:

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I’m sure you already know this, all you have to do is turn on the television.

Crime in America is rising at an alarming pace.

Aggravated Assaults, Armed Robbery, Rapes, Burglaries, are just a few of the ones that are trending way higher from year to year. Just about every day you are hearing of a Police Officer being killed while performing their duties. Kids are shooting each other for nothing.  Something Has to Change!


Pictures of a family

Is your Family safe anymore?

Click on the link below to see some crime stats from the U.S. and from Mississippi my home state.

What do you think is happening? I have my opinion. With the far left running the government people are demanding things like defunding the police, shouting down our energy independence (The pipelines) and giving Russa the ok to continue building theirs. Keeping the boarders open and letting millions of people thru to the U.S. and giving them $450.000 dollars each when we have vets living on the street. Seniors unable to pay for their medicine so doing without. Our Police departments are stretched to the hilt. Officers are Resigning or Retiring at an alarming rate. What’s causing this? Well some of it has to do with the stupid new bail reform laws that some areas of the country have adopted that prohibits keeping offenders in jail where they should be.

What about the higher ups in the department and government not standing behind the officers? Everyone knows that there some bad officers in every department but 99% of the ones out there protecting you are trying to do the right thing.

As you can imagine the response time for police to respond to a call for help determines not only the type of call but the number of officers available. It may take a while.


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Mississippi crime rates for 2019. These show a declining crime rate at the time but in the last couple of years the crime rate has increased. The new crime rates will not be available for another year.

Mississippi Crime Statistics and Rates Report (MS) – CityRating.com

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