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Thank you for visiting our blog. We would like to welcome you to our B Safe Technology family. We (Myself and my Wife Brenda) started this company in 2013 with one goal in mind. To see that everyone that wants or needs to be safe has the opportunity to buy quality products at a reasonable price. We have undergone several updates since then to our company and our website in order to ensure the best products and service is available to you. Now a little bit about us.

Me: I am a retired Law enforcement officer of over 30 years. During that time I moved up in the rank beginning in a small town in Mississippi (One square mile) where I was responsible for patrolling this small college town in addition to making sure that the water tower was always full of water. It was not very exciting. After that I had the opportunity to work for various police departments throughout moving up the rank from patrol officer to the Chief of Police in a small thriving town. After retiring from the job of chief I went to work in a sheriff department as the Chief Deputy of the Department. During these years in law enforcement I noticed that the victims of crimes that we had desperately needed some sort of protection. From the victims of Domestic Violence to Victims of Assaults these victims may could have had a different outcome in their cases if they has had something like just a small can of Pepper Spray or possibly a Stun Gun. That’s why we made this business available to you.

Brenda- Brenda has worked at Mississippi State for over 30 Years after retiring in 2017 she went back to work Part Time and is still working to this date. She has been involved in the law-enforcement community for several years participating in the Citizens review board with the Winston County Sheriff Department. She has heard the stories about the victims and she knew that this business was something she wanted to do.

We Have two sons, Blake and Daniel that have grown up around the law-enforcement community. We can count on them to help in the business anytime along with their wives (Tiffany and Hannah).

We also have 5 Grand Children, Makiley, Hayden, Karly, Fischer, Amaya

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B Safe Technology

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