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I bet I have been asked 1000 times. (Will it hurt if I get sprayed). Of course they are talking about getting sprayed with Pepper Spray. Being a Instructor in chemical weapons and having been subjected to pepper spray on many occasions I am here to tell you HELL YEA it hurts. I had the pleasure of becoming an instructor thru TJA Training out of Florida. Tom the owner of this company spent many hours developing his instructor certification courses and is considered one of the best instructors in the nation. We sure learned a lot from him. Pepper Spray has been used by police Departments for many years as a non lethal product to help the officers gain control of aggressive and non compliant suspects.

Pepper Spray a derived from the seeds of the Cayenne Pepper is not something you want to play with. It is designed to do several things to you. First of all if sprayed correctly it will cause the eyes to close. Then it will cause you to think that you cant breath right. With the intense burning of the face and other areas of the body it has come in contact with the person on the receiving end will forget about you and start thinking about how they were going to get relief from the Pain. In cases where they were intending on harming you this gives you a chance to get away and get help.

Funny Story: Now not then- One day myself and wife were on the way to see her parents who lived just a mere 5 miles down the road. Being a police officer I normally carry my equipment with me just in case I may need it while out. We had our 5 year old grandson with us and he was sitting in the back seat. After a little rustling in the back seat which neither me or my wife really paid any attention to I had the unfortunate pleasure of that all to familiar smell of pepper spray coming from the back seat. We turned around just as our grandson sprayed the Pepper Spray

at the back of my wife’s head and back. It was all over in a second except for the panic. After my wife screamed and I realized that my eyes were starting to close I quickly pulled my truck over to the side of the road. Luckily we live in the country where there was not much traffic if fact not one vehicle came by as my wife standing out the passenger door started taking her shirt off. She was burning. My grandson was so scared because I had jerked him out of the truck to get him away from the spray. He was screaming I’m Sorry MaMaw. After a few minutes of letting the truck air out I found a rain coat for my wife to put on to continue to her parents home. Straight to the showers she went. After a while she came back out and after making sure that our grandchild was not going to play with pepper spray anymore and she only had some residual burning on her back and neck we decided it was not something we wanted to go thru again but we had a good laugh about it. SO THE QUEATION (DOES IT HURT WHEN YOU GET SPRAYED WITH PEPPER SPRAY) THE ANSWER IS YES!!! (DONT GET CAUGHT WITHOUT IT)

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